HONOUR THY LOVERS "Honour Thee. Love Thyself" Founded by Canadian nomad, multi-disciplinary artist, energy practitioner John James, Honour Thy Lovers exists to venerate the undertaking and gorgeous responsibility of loving yourself and the equally substantial, greatly noble quest of tending to the heart of another. Inviting you into the realm of perspective and transformation through intention via tarot card reading, talismanic space sessions, healing practices, breathing meditation, clarity, cleansing and channeling rituals.

The frenetic pace of society and demands of our lives often require that we over-extend our capacity, exacting a toll on our mind, body and soul. By entering into our meeting with open minds and hearts, we can introduce and maintain the magic that comes from allowing the trinity of focus, breath and a poetic way of looking at the world around you and your place in it. Considers the time and sacred space that we create during our session as a luxurious gift devoted to you and your energy.

In my practice, the ritual of tarot is not a future-tell-all or occult practice but a compassionate, intuitive tool to help create the space, extension of time, and permission to address what lies beneath surfaces - allowing you to bring to the fore disparate aspects of your life and environment in the light of connection. - John James