Ritual Projects is a Paris-based communications platform of experts in the fields of fashion, photography, music collaborate offering a large range of services including: Media Representation, Brand Strategies, Digital Platform Communications, Market Consulting and Events. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Ritual Projects has compiled an extensive network of international contacts and a portfolio of clients that spans the globe. Hailing from the Far West to the Far East, clients have been selected for the authenticity, creativity and quality of their craft.


Selected in 2018 as a BOF 500 "Catalyst" shaping the fashion industry, Robin Meason has been based in Europe for the past 25 years. A fashion PR and consultant whose focus in PR is to collaborate with and promote individuals who are driven by authenticity and put creativity and quality to the forefront of their work. With a desire to learn about different cultures, she has worked throughout Europe with stints in London and Athens. These enriching experiences have given her an in-depth understanding of diverse customs, broadening her horizons as well as her international network. After over a decade of PR experience, she created Ritual Projects as a platform focusing on concepts and craftsmanship where individuality and artistic expression are given the necessary support to flourish.

Ritual Press