both is founded on 30 years of material research in rubber and shoe design. At the heart of their process is an exploration of balance: in the textures of their designs, the application of their techniques and the contrast in their concepts.

Hand-cut and moulded through a specific process, each pair coming out of the brand's atelier reveals unique craftsmanship. Preserving the pureness of rubber, both uses creative techniques to diversify the texture and final design of every piece.

both's high and low top designs are individualised with industrial straps, trompe l'oeil details, rubber and neoprene uppers, geometrical stitches, proposed in the highest quality leather, cotton, neoprene and rubber available in an earthtone color palette of white, black, nude and khaki.

The both signature injects creative dynamism into natural materials and contemporary technology resulting in a fusion of minimalism, urban and pop details that create timeless classics with innovative styles.

Being proper nowadays is seen as a new form of rebellion.

BOTH is sold at key international retailers such as ANTONIOLI - ANTONIOLI - COTTONCLUB - L'ECLAIREUR - SPRMKT - LAYERS - AUTOGRAPG – SEVEN