CHRISTIAN DADA was founded by Masanori Morikawa in 2010.

He developed early on his childhood a love for fashion under the influence of his grandfather who was a skilled embroidery technician in Kagawa, Japan. Morikawa then began his exploration of combining eastern aesthetics with western culture while studying in London.

The label’s name is a representation of Morikawa’s love for the artistic anarchy of Dadaism, which embraces imperfections and the rejection of societal norms, reason and logic. The movement’s anti-conformist sensibilities are strongly reflected in Morikawa’s dark, deconstructed designs.

Many of CHRISTIAN DADA’s designs pay homage to traditional Japanese silk weaving techniques and incorporates the yuzen method of dyeing. These techniques are accentuated by his modern application of fabrics and intricate embellishments.

CHRISTIAN DADA is available at some of the world's leading retailers: Colette, Boon The Shop, H. Lorenzo, Dantone, D Mop, Tsvetnoy, Ssense...